Changes to the citizenship application process / immigration requirements over the Christmas period

Justice Minister Helen McEntee, TD today announced a number of immigration changes to simplify and streamline the processing of citizenship applications and to make immigration requirements easier for our clients during the period. of Christmas.

Changes to the citizenship application process

As of January 1, 2022, new citizenship applicants will no longer be required to present their original passport with the initial application. Instead, they can provide a color copy of their entire passport, including the front and back covers. The color copy must be certified by a lawyer and submitted with the application form.

Anyone who intends to travel by the Christmas holidays and will need their passport to do so can consider waiting until the New Year to apply for citizenship when the new provisions apply.

In addition, important changes are also introduced for clients regarding the amount of evidence required to establish their identity and residence as part of the application process. Starting in January, the Department will switch to a scorecard approach, which will provide additional clarity regarding the information applicants will need to provide to establish their identity and residence. In particular, for physicians who are employed in the HSE or in Voluntary Hospitals, the provision of a “Summary of the employment history of the medical practitioner” will be accepted as proof of residency.

In today’s announcement, it is stated that further updates will be provided on the Citizenship pages of the website in the coming weeks.

Changes in immigration requirements for our clients during the Christmas period

Customers with an Irish Residence Permit card that was current at the start of the pandemic in March 2020 will now have its validity period extended until January 15, 2022. This means they can use their current expired card to allow them to leave and return to Ireland with confidence over Christmas and until January 15, 2022.

Anyone traveling during this time will be able to print a copy of a Travel Confirmation Notice (see link below) and display it with your existing IRP card to show proof of residence when returning to Ireland by January 15th 2022.

Return visa requirements for children under 16 have also been suspended until January 15, 2022.

We understand that the Department is engaging with air carriers to inform them of this new agreement and to ensure that the process runs smoothly. It can also be displayed as proof of residency for employment purposes or to access all state services and supports that people are normally entitled to.

See link below to travel confirmation notice and FAQ document

Travel Confirmation Notice

Registrar Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Mitigation Initiatives

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