EU to toughen cybersecurity requirements for wireless devices, IT News, ET CIO

The European Commission on Friday adopted an amendment to the Radio Equipment Directive to strengthen cybersecurity requirements for mobile wireless devices.

“Today, the Commission has taken action to improve the cybersecurity of wireless devices available on the European market. As mobile phones, smartwatches, fitness trackers and wireless toys are increasingly present in our daily lives, cyber threats represent an increasing risk for every consumer, “the Commission said in a statement.

The amendment aims to “ensure that all wireless devices are safe before being sold in the EU market” by introducing new legal requirements for cybersecurity guarantees for manufacturers that they will have to take into account. account in the design and production stages.

The Commission noted that the new requirements will help strengthen the protection of citizens’ privacy and personal data, reduce the risks of financial fraud and ensure better resilience of communication networks. To this end, manufacturers will now need to take steps to prevent interruptions to internet services, restrict unauthorized access to personal data on wireless devices, and introduce stricter user authentication to minimize the risk of fraudulent electronic payments. .

The new rules will enter into force if the Council or the European Parliament do not raise any objections within two months of the date of their publication. After that, manufacturers will have 30 months to bring their products into compliance with the new requirements, until 2024.

The European Commission will assist manufacturers in this area.

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