Your credit card application may be rejected for these 5 reasons

Credit card application: The credit card has become a part of everyday man’s life today. The advantages of a credit card are numerous. You can pay for your purchases or other bills up to a certain limit using a credit card. Your credit score improves every time you pay your credit card bills on time. This allows you to easily get a loan from the bank. Thanks to this, you can also buy any item on EMI.

There are a few things to keep in mind if you are applying for a credit card. Banks take a lot of things into account before accepting or rejecting a credit card application. Know the reasons why a credit card application may be rejected.

If you change jobs quickly

  • Changing jobs frequently is seen as a sign of an unstable career. Therefore, it is not suitable for your credit card application.
  • Giving credit cards to people who change jobs frequently is considered a bit risky.

Small salary

  • The bank examines the applicant’s repayment capacity before issuing the credit card.
  • The bank can ask the applicant for Form 16 or the payslip to verify it.
  • If the applicant’s annual income does not fall within the limit set by the bank, the application may be canceled.

Limit exceeded

  • If this is your first time taking a card, don’t get caught up in the excessive limit cycle. This may result in the cancellation of your request.
  • For the first time using a basic card, no annual fee, the credit card will suit you.
  • Create a good credit history with your first card, then apply for a premium card.

Bad credit rating

  • A bad credit rating is also a major reason for rejecting credit card applications.
  • If you’ve defaulted on one of your loans or are frequently late paying off IMEs, your credit score is ruined.

Don’t apply too many times

  • Banks or non-bank financial institutions (NBFCs) can check the applicant’s credit history.
  • Even if you have applied for multiple cards at multiple banks, your application tends to be rejected.

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E-skimmer searches for your credit card number while you shop online

You may have heard scammers use gas station pumps to steal credit or debit card numbers, but it can also happen when checking out while shopping online. There are.

This cybercrime, known as virtual electronic skimming or form hijacking, is happening without knowing it. During the COVID-19 pandemic, online shopping increased, and with all its expenses, fraud continued, causing significant financial losses.

The FBI said last year that $ 1.8 billion was lost due to electronic skimming and similar online theft.

“Looking only at 2020, we are reporting the highest financial loss of all the various crimes reported to the FBI,” said FBI Jay Patel.

With the help of cybersecurity experts Source defenseThe FBI created a fake online seller to show how hackers steal your information while shopping online.

“This problem exists on almost every website on the Internet,” said Matt McGuirk of Source Defense.

According to new research from the company, this type of attack occurs every 39 seconds. McGuirk explained how easy it is for fraud to happen.

“[続行]If you click and verify here, you will see the normal payment process in the background, ”he said. “In the foreground you will see this black and green box. This is a freshly executed attack. In reality, these attacks are always silent and show nothing to the visitor, I can explain what the attacker is showing. I’m doing it, so I’m going to show it side by side. “

Hackers can steal not only your personal information, but your credit and debit card information as well. Experts say the information will be sold on the black web. One way to protect yourself from this type of online skimming right now is Virtual credit card.

“I’m logged into my credit card, but with these generated account numbers and security codes, along with an expiration date, I can protect my actual credit and account information,” said Catherine Honeycutt. I will do it. BBB in eastern North Carolina..

These disposable card numbers are designed to keep the actual account number out of the reach of malicious people.

“If a business experiences a data breach and uses a temporary credit card, scammers can access that information, but they can’t get back to the actual account information,” Honeycutt explains.

You can also use a single dedicated online shopping credit card to better track transactions. Also, remember that you should use credit instead of a debit card. Credits are the most protected and the easiest to challenge.

You can also set SMS alerts on your account to immediately detect fraud.

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