Don’t give out your credit card number over the phone, financial company warns


SASKATOON – Since stores began closing almost a year ago, many Canadians have turned to online shopping to order their items securely – but people are concerned about their safety, survey shows digital.

According to a report by Moneris, the pandemic has caused an increase in digital transactions, which creates more opportunities for fraudsters.

Moneris said 38 percent of Canadians surveyed have been victims of potential fraud or have engaged in behavior that could expose them to fraud.

Additionally, Moneris says 23 percent of Canadians surveyed said they provided a credit card number over the phone to a store or restaurant, a high-risk activity for consumers and businesses, according to Moneris.

“Canadians are keen to support local businesses impacted by pandemic restrictions, but often unknowingly put themselves and the business at greater risk of fraud by paying over the phone,” said Brain Prentice, chief risk officer at Moneris, in the statement.

Despite the increase in online shopping, Moneris said Canadians are still wary, with 69% believing online shopping leads to more fraud, and 60% saying they feel more secure. in a physical store.

Not everyone receives the products they ordered online according to Moneris, with 14 percent of Canadians surveyed not receiving the item they ordered when shopping online.

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