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Rolly Grimson has evolved with you, and therefore we want to make your life easier with financial services that make use of new technologies to facilitate your day to day as a client, and without a doubt, improve your experience on the Rolly website Grimson

As a fin-tech company, Rolly Grimson offers online loans, online payments, digital banking, among other services. It is not necessary to be a magician to define that it is the products and services that make technology coincide with money, so do not complicate yourself in this 2017 and in the coming years because the Rolly Grimson loans came to be closer to you.

In addition, we have at your disposal a variety of options that adapt to your needs, and the most advantageous is that you can do it from the comfort of your home or from your smartphone because all you need to enjoy a personal loan Rolly Grimson It is being connected to the web.


When to apply for Rolly Grimson loans?


We know that your emergencies need to be resolved faster than immediately, but to apply for a Rolly Grimson loan you don’t just have to be going through an emergency. You can use our loans when, where and how you want. The moment is now!

If you want to travel, start a business, carry out specialized studies or you will start any other project that you consider that contributes to your life or gives you some well-being as a human being, you can easily request one of our credits.


Solve emergencies

Solve emergencies

An important percentage of the 100 thousand clients that Rolly Grimson has in Argentina affirm that problems and inconveniences are the main engines that drives them to request these services.

Financial problems range from health problems to real estate, academics, among others. And we don’t always have the money to solve such emergencies. Therefore, once you register with Rolly Grimson you can enjoy the various services and loans.

The Rolly Grimson Loans, the product with which the global 7Finance group began operations in the Argentine market at the end of 2015, broke the barrier with short-term microcredit – between $ 1,000 to $ 8,000 – of access via the Internet from anywhere, which makes it the leading company in its category regarding online financial dispute resolution.


Start a business


We are also there when you decide to start that business of your life. Not everyone has large sums of money to set up a restaurant, a sports school or to start their real estate business but you don’t have to worry because Rolly Grimson loans are for you.

Its fast loan plans and the flexibility of debt cancellation allow you to not only multiply the capital you invested, but you can also extend your term or choose the plan that best suits you.

So make your dream come true and enjoy the payments, transactions, personal finance management, consulting and marketing platforms offered by Rolly Grimson.


Can you imagine traveling throughout Latin America by bicycle or do you prefer to visit the most important museums in Europe? Sailing through the Caribbean Sea or traveling, with your backpack on your shoulder, the most impressive mountains in the world?

If you are passionate about travel and want to travel the globe you can do it without a doubt, and more if you have the support of Rolly Grimson Loans.

When you apply for your credits, nobody will ask you what the fate of your money will be, because what really matters to us is that you feel pleased and that our loans are a window of opportunity for your commitments and goals.

You know, I decided on how to travel the world and where you want to go!



It is common that in a world like today, characterized by speed, competition, change and uncertainty, many focus on working and producing money to meet their needs.

They forget, neglect or postpone intellectual preparation, without noticing something: we are in the world of information, of data, of knowledge.

One of the most important aspects of a person’s life is education. We refer to education in two senses: one, related to ethical and moral formation, the preparation for adapted social life, which allows us to understand the fundamentals of life of each community, each time.

And on the other hand, education has to do with intellectual preparation, conscious study or obtaining adequate and useful knowledge to individual and social needs.

It is to this second meaning related to study, it is what we emphasize because Rolly Grimson knows how significant studies are for both the individual and the growth of societies.

In that sense, you should be clear that if the reason you applied for your loan is that you decided to grow intellectually or wish to meet an academic goal, there will always be a loan available to you.

Just remember that you have to be over 19 and have your ID to apply for our loans.

Also, you must keep in mind our three simple steps:

  1. You choose an amount and term in the simulator, then press the button that says “order now”.
  2. You continue completing the registration form in which you will be asked several questions regarding your personal and bank information. Do not worry! This information is extremely important and confidential in order to provide you with the loan quickly and safely and will only be used to validate your loan.
  3. After providing all the requested information, wait a few moments for our confirmation. If the application is approved, you will be informed in your profile of Rolly Grimson by email and text message, and thus the money requested for your studies will be transferred to your bank account.

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