Have unpaid bills and buy back credits.

If you have too many credits outstanding, your bills pile up, and you can no longer honor your creditors, it’s time to react. The repurchase of credits, which makes it possible to consolidate several loans into only one, can be the solution best adapted to this situation.

Please note, however, there are conditions that must be met for a banking organization to agree to refinance you. It is possible to buy back credits with arrears, provided that these do not result in a filing or a banking ban. Explanations.

Buyback credits with unpaid invoices

Buy back credits with unpaid invoices

For many borrowers, the combination of several monthly payments, combined with a change in a personal or professional situation, can lead to significant financial difficulties. Debts and invoices can quickly accumulate, and your budget will deteriorate if your various incomes do not allow the repayment of your credits.

Reducing your debt ratio and having more to live at the end of the month is possible. For this, one of the solutions is that of debt restructuring. Is it possible to request a loan consolidation request if you already have several outstanding invoices outstanding? Yes.

Like the rejection of direct debits or any type of payment incident that may occur on a bank account, unpaid invoices testify to financial fragility. They are often the harbinger of a budget that is deteriorating, and of a situation that can switch to over-indebtedness. To avoid this, it is possible to buy back unpaid credits.

Request a loan buy-back before unpaid invoices accumulate

Request a loan buy-back before unpaid invoices accumulate

If the unpaid invoices multiply and the borrower does not react quickly, then it is possible to be notified of an FICP filing. The inclusion in the file of credit repayment incidents to individuals can have serious consequences.

In case of non-payment of two consecutive monthly payments of your credit, you can be entered in this file! Then, unless regularized, registration lasts for five years.

During this period, for any new loan requested from a banking establishment, the bank will consult this file and see there your repayment incidents. Worse, during the registration period, you can no longer pay by check or have a bank overdraft authorization.

This is why it is important to react quickly when you have unpaid invoices. Consolidating loans is just one solution among many. You can also ask your bank to adjust the terms of your current loans.

You can also ask for help from relatives (friends, family) to help you with your financial difficulties. Finally, depending on the nature of the credits, you can also ask to pause the repayment for one or more months (this is the case in certain mortgage loan contracts).

Grouping differs from all these solutions because it brings a complete restructuring of your debts and a spread of your repayment over a new period. It is, therefore, a sustainable solution to deal with your unpaid invoices.

The advantages of buying back credits in the event of default

The advantages of buying back credits in the event of default

To request redemption of credits with outstanding payment. Our team of specialized advisors will put together a complete file for you, and present it to a selection of banks in order to obtain an offer at the best conditions.

  • With a single lower monthly payment, spread over a new longer period, you have a better balance to live every month, and therefore avoid the risk of non-payment;
  • You can choose to consolidate all or part of your current loans. Real estate credit, consumer credit, revolving credit… a single reduced monthly payment is offered to you by grouping the loans strategically;
  • The repurchase of credits with unpaid debts is accessible whether you are an owner or a tenant, but also having a stable employment contract or not (CDI, CDD, civil servant status, interim). Each file is different!

For a complete study of the feasibility of a grouping of unpaid loans, contact our specialized team. You will get a response in 24 hours, and this without commitment on your part!

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